Swanky Me
Of love and assurance

Dear Gary,

It’s been a real while since I last wrote. I miss talking to you. Just so you know, I’m in love! I’m in love with someone i just cannot describe. It will take the whole dictionary to describe him. Wait, no, words aren’t enough to define this person I have fallen for. But since we’re on tumblr, I figured I have to articulate my thoughts in words, believable words worth the read. What’s really sure is that I love this guy. Let’s call him Mr. Cucumber for now - and yes, the green edible cucumber - someday you’ll know why. It’s not that I’m keeping secrets from you Gary, I will tell you, it’s just that I want to make it more thrilling and exciting for both of us.

Today, I felt unsure about Mr. Cucumber, my love for him, his love for me. This is crazy Gary, one second I’m talking about this wonderful and awesome guy, and the next is me feeling unsure about him. But what the heck, let’s get it on. Yes, I felt like I was walking on a wobbly plank and i didn’t want to fall off. I needed assurance. Questions ran through my head like “how much does he love me?” or “how long is he really going to stay with me?” and even “what’s next? what’s beyond our exchanges of ‘I love yous’?” Weird Gary, I tell you, really weird and stupid. I did think about those questions, and I resolved that I should talk to him over the phone as soon as possible. By the way, the guy lives in Cebu so we’re separated by a great distance. Anyways, i wanted to talk to him stat but he was at this high school reunion. Isn’t that always the way, in days like this, when the month of December is about to end, most people just go back to their hometowns to see their family and closest friends. I couldn’t intrude, interupt and spoil his fun, it was also one way of respecting him.

Oh Gary, let’s finish this tomorrow, I’m tired and this laptop is dying to rest, and i said dying because it’s battery is dying and it needs to be turned off now. I will talk about love and assurance I promise you that.

I’m actually using dad’s laptop right now. I wish I had one of my own. It’s really, accessible and dependable. I’m going to buy a laptop for myself someday. 

Let’s resume this later - to prolong the agony, the anxiety, the curiosity, the thrill and of course the excitement. Toodles Gary, stay swanky.

Love, Rick

stretch your arm no father than your sleeves will reach
it turns out freedom meant nothing but missing you
i thought we’d still be group mates this semester but no-siree! we’re distributed to other groups. see you around #MadameAndrea

i thought we’d still be group mates this semester but no-siree! we’re distributed to other groups. see you around #MadameAndrea

Dear Gary #5 - some coffee and money will do

Dear Gary,

       Its raining cats and dogs and my hands were still hurting from last night’s paperwork. i wasnt able to finish all 10 procedures but i was able to write a few, atleast i had some output. I felt oh so sluggish just as i woke up - i didnt even plan on going to school but i know i had to. MANIC tuesday, it’s just the start of the day but   i feel like giving up already. But i didn’t.

         Someone from facebook left me a message this morning - its nash, someone i met from Jolibee before. He showed me signs of interest so i responded to him. I flirted with him i felt butterflies in my tummy fluttering up and down. XD i spent 30 minutes talking to him without minding the time. then i realized i was running late.

         I was 25 minutes late for the orientation today but i was fortunate enough to catch up with sir Heinz. atleast he didn’t punish me with some sanction or whatever, but he called my attention because i was not in any group because i enrolled late - im always late but im having a change of heart and i want to break the habit. :]

         So, since i enrolled late, i got separated from my previous group and was darted to group 6. So im having my clinical duty and group work with #VinaLim, #LydFriend, #JennieJoi, #MamaFiona, #TeAnj . It’s going to take some adjustment but i already feel comfortable with them since i know my competence in the hospital so why should i be intimidated by them? charmos!  

       This lot just came out of the demo room. what a busy morning for BSN-3. After the orientation, the BIG Four #VinaLim, #LovelyDear #BryanY and I went to Benedict’s for some coffee.

that picture when you look so good but it’s bombed with some stranger -_-

Me sitting beside miss #VinaLim of the BIGFour

     This is the only picture i have of the four of us for today. not really loving it :] I’m going to change this as soon as bryan uploads his photos.

         This is all that we had at Benedict’s :] some cappuccino, a humble plate of puto, a bag of chips and a plate of porkchops which bryan was the only one who had the luxury to afford such a dish. haha  

         yum! COFFEE. I never thought i’d love coffee so much. I had a mug of cappuccino for only 40php and it satisfied my craving. 

          Then we went to NOVO to shop for materials for our journals. Yes, i already have mine but i bought another set of glittery pens. while the three bought notebooks for their daily write-ups. Just as we went out, we noticed that NOTHING HAS CHANGED AT ALL. the rain kept on pouring, the sky is still gray and I dont think the sun is ever shining today.


       Just me and bryan going home. The two girls Vina and Lovely still went to G-mall to buy some stuff. thanks to him, i was abe to buy the pens, i awe him 60php. Felt great to have been strolling and going out with the BigFour today - i miss our mishaps and the miracles we made - YES,MIRACLES. Going out with them made me feel like writing today. but alas, im taking my siesta this afternoon, it’s the only time that i have the luxury to do this :] still craving for coffee . hey, i noticed that im fattening up lately - this is great, i sense something good about me gaining weight.

Sincerely, Rick

Dear Gary #4 - PB&J & Paper Works

Dear Gary,

        I hate starting all over when i already made satisfactory progress on an entry like seriously. -_-

        Anyways, Merry Christmas!Gmall It’s Christmas Season at Gaisano Mall and yes, I’m visiting the mall for a reason - to look for a notebook or parchment or whatever i can write on in partial fulfillment of maam Angel’s requirement in NCM 105 which is a daily journal. Ofcourse I’m not writing confidential stuff, I will just write the things that she asked for. I went out with #MadameAndrea, #GraceLoves & #MommyFritzie to look for what we need and what we want.

       We searched every aisle of the school supplies section and i found my prospect. COFFEE! though im not entirely a coffee person but i think things might change for me. I’ll tell you more about coffee later on.


         So i got mine, while the three kept on looking for what they want. While searching, we were brain storming ideas for what we can possibly do with our journals. Wouls it be  the artsy-craftsy kind? plain serious? plain boring? serious-looking but really interesting once read? or cute? im going for the “serious-looking but really interesting once read” type. and the three? they’re going for “artsy-craftsy” and “cute” - GIRLS. Well i was thinking of going for artsy-craftsy too but then i changed my mind once i saw my book - passive-looking yet it’s going to be interesting once it begins to flood with words.

        The girls found a shelf where glittery and lacy diaries were on display while we where roaming around searching for what we want.

         And in no time, the girls started to ransack the shelf in search of their prospects and ideal journal. They even argued with the colors they chose, and the design of the covers. The scene was catty , strange and humorous.

           In the end, #GraceLoves got a glittery pink one, #MommyFritzie got a lacy ribbony purple one and #MadameAndrea found her ideal book but didn’t buy it just yet. She plans on buying a big one so she can stick any scrap material she wants - she’s going for artsy-craftsy. 

           My eyes were bedazzled by the glittery blink pens i found on one counter, i can use those for my sketches i thought - so i bought a set. 

       Now everything is falling to place.  i got  the things that i wanted and im satisfied with the things i bought for the price of 404.50php . then we went to our respective houses for lunch.

        In the afternoon, we started on another assignment which was given to us by miss Faith. She gave us SHITLOADS of paperwork - and i mean SHITLOADS. we had to rewrite 10 friggin nursing procedures on short bond papers to be passed tomorrow 9:00 o’clock in the morning. could   this day get any worse? yes, i had a very tough time looking for sources, for checklists and things to write - if i cant comply then im in BIG TROUBLE . who knows what that woman is thinking about, we dont know what she’s going to do next. I managed to finish 6 procedures with the help of #ToniTiara :]

         Just so you know, i had my first Peanut Butter and Jelly today courtesy of #MadameAndrea.

i had a great time munching the sweet stuff. yum. and the BRANDS  are oh so amazing. freshly imported from the US of A !

        I awe this girl my experiences and firsts. i learned a lot from her really, that’s why im sticking with her all the time cause we’re very good friends and good neighbors as well.  

                                     #MadameAndrea :]

        Have you ever said no to something and then once you tried it, you’re going insane about it and then you want more?

        That’s what happened to me when i had coffee. im not really a coffee person but when i had coffee tonight, it felt so good. i had a mug of butterscotch coffee and the best part is, IT WAS FREE. i got a taste of the coffee during an orientation on some networking business that i’d love to be part of but i don’t think i can join just yet because i dont have the capital for the investment, but soon, i’ll have it and be part of a team. 

          Im starting to have an addiction for coffee, but i need the right coffee to be addicted to, not just some coffee that will cause palpitations - expensive coffee, a product of reasonable price and i just don’t have the money :[

         so now im ending my entry here since i still have paperwork to do. ciao!

                                                                                      Sincerely, Rick      

#Noon: Love at First Sight #Ngayon: Love at Website

i just can’t get over this song. i want the lyrics to reach the heart of my ex :] does he ever think about me? does he feel the same way i do? it’s frustrating when you can’t get answers because the guy just won’t communicate and keep in touch.

it’s almost christmas season, i want to get something for him.

TRIVIA: my first bath in the month of November 2012, was at 6:00 o’clock in the morning, 10th of November.

TRIVIA: my first bath in the month of November 2012, was at 6:00 o’clock in the morning, 10th of November.